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Landing the 4.0 hype
to your real needs.

No more bla-bla-bla PowerPoints.   

Just facts.
Our Story

We are biopharma engineers using the latest IT technologies to break data silos and enhance real digital transformation projects. 

Our Vision

Make digital transfomation in biopharma easy to any size of company.


Starting with an audit based on Digital Plant Maturity Model (by BioPhorum) to jointly develop a roadmap.

We have specific solutions in our portfolio to accelerate Time-To-Vale.

Who are we
The Journey: from Service to GxP Compliant Apps

Digital Maturity Level Audit by

We start performing a Digital Plant Maturity Model Audit (by BioPhorum) to establish the basis of the digital transformation roadmap.


Digital Roadmap Development

With the audit outcomes we jointly agree the digital transformation roadmap with the customer. Creating a roadmap from scratch or using an existing one.




Roadmap Execution with GxP Compliant Applications

We are constantly creating  GxP Compliant Apps to solve specific manufacturing challenges and we have an ecosystem with partners to provide specific solutions to your roadmap execution.


How it works
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Tel: 660 70 56 79

Barcelona - Madrid

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